Why Try?

I’m so tired. 

Who do I have to impress? My husband? He doesn’t care. He wants a robot that he can fuck. That’s it. A slave to do his laundry and fix meals and will put out to shut him up. 

My kids don’t care what I look like or what I say or how I feel, even.  Sometimes they are brilliantly wonderful and I do admit they are the reason I live. But seriously. Why try. 

There is an empty dishwasher OPENED FOR ALL TO SEE but the dirty plates get placed in the sink. Not even rinsed. 

I specifically purchased everyone dividing laundry baskets. To help them I even labeled each of the three bins: White, Colors, Darks.   They throw all of the clothes together.

I put out carpet cleaner on the floor, like, sprinkle it all over so the twins know it’s time to vacuum. I tell them it’s time to vacuum.  Somehow, between Adventure Time and The Big Bang Theory there’s just not enough time to do it.  But it’s okay to walk barefoot on chemicals and grind it into the new carpet we just put in three months ago. 

I just want a day where I can sleep all day long.  

“You don’t do anything by laze around the house. You don’t have a job.”  

Fuck you. I take care of a special needs kid that you can’t handle. << what I yell at the people who try to “inspire me to do more”.  

I bake cupcakes and planted a garden. I have two cats that bring me the dead mice. Why? They love me… I feed them.  I get more affection from these cats than my own family.  

Maybe one day this blog will get better, but for today, nope. I am off to sleep. Hopefully for a week.