GPS… Global Playground for SATAN!

Okay, so my family and I are headed to visit a friend.  We get her address. We plug it into Mapquest.  

We drive for our two hours and lo, and behold, it takes to a field in the middle of nowhere. NOWHERE. Okay, fuck you, Mapquest. 

We get on Google maps.  We ask for the highway closest to us.  Oh, the closest highway offered to us?  IN FUCKING NORWAY!!!! 

I shit you not, it gave us three options of the roads in Norway. Which is NOT helpful since we are in the United States of America. 

What the fuck, GPS???  Like, it’s not terrifying enough to be in the backwoods ANYWHERE where you can hear banjo pickin’, and you strand us here? 

We finally arrived… by calling our friends and having them lead us in. How close were we actually to the location you ask?  We were THREE COUNTIES OVER.  FUCKING GPS! 

It’s made by the devil, I swear to all gods living and dead. 

hell gps