I Sit Alone

I sit alone…

Holding her hand. 

Watching her breathe.


I sit alone…

Finding a rhythm in the beating of her heart

As the monitor declares it loudly

And without feeling


I sit alone…

Watching the eyes never open. 

The hand that never squeezes mine. 


I sit alone…

And let my tears silently fall

With prayers and bargains to God

To give me more time.


I sit alone…

While nurses watch from the hallway

As I somehow find strength to forgive her leaving me.

And I cry. 

And I cry. 

And I cry. 

And I cry. 



And she’s gone. 

A nurse shuts off the alarm 

and quietly leaves me with her. 


Nothing but silence

the sound of my muffled sobs 

Lost stories. 

Lost memories. 

Lost laughter. 


I’m alone.