I Am Disturbed

So, I was minding my own business and researching some things about colleges since I have twins about to leave the nest. 

At a particular school, there was a news article mentioning how the hazing in fraternities and sororities have gotten out of control. After a few articles on the same subject, I decided to search on it myself.

And got some dandy videos out of the search.  

Let me say this: Parents: if you don’t warn your kids that these fucking clubs will try and get them to do sexual act you’re enabling the clubs to abuse your child.

I watched a girl, crying, ONLY BECAUSE SHE WAS BEING YELLED AT, perform sexual acts on another crying girl. All while these “sorority sisters” shouted verbal abuse at them… hit them… beat them… kicked them… and I asked myself:

“Why didn’t she just say, “FUCK YOU!” and walk out?”

Because she felt she needed to belong somewhere? Because this was mommy’s sorority?  

What the literal FUCK?!?!?  

It was the most disgusting practice I’ve ever seen… lining girls up against washing machines during the spin cycle, and when their thighs would jiggle (as everyone’s WOULD.. IT IS THE FUCKING SPIN CYCLE) the “sisters”  would spank them as hard as they could with large wooden paddles.

Let me tell you the correct response if someone ORDERS YOU to perform ANY sexual act on ANYONE: 





“Kiss my ass, bitches, I don’t need to PAY to have friends!”

I didn’t even want to LOOK to see what the fraternities have their guys do.  The one article about the drugs and rape was enough to make my stomach churn. 

Parents: Seriously. Talk to your children. Give them a way to contact you if they are scared. These people should NEVER become your child’s family away from home. ABUSE? Would you allow this?  Of your child? I sure as hell wouldn’t. And you can be this was the topic around our dinner table.  

Be OPEN with your kids.  They need you. NOW.  Not in college when they are making mistakes. They need to make mistakes where they are safe in your home so they know they can always come to you for aid.  

Don’t let your most prized possession become someone’s verbal assault and sex toy against their will.