Robin Williams… GONE.

I am so sick of it. 

The depression. The pain. The loss.  What does it leave in our wake? 

A shocked and grieving nation; social media showing pictures  and people professing their love. 

I’m not sick of that… the tokens of respect. 

I’m sick of losing people. Losing people. LOSING PEOPLE!

It hurts. It fucking hurts bad. 

When will we stop wearing masks? When will be say, oh hey, maybe there’s an epidemic in the country and address mental health and emotional needs  When will we stop being so fucking self absorbed and actually BE THERE when someone needs us… I mean ACTUALLY FUCKING BE THERE and not let someone feel they are alone… trapped in the bell jar of celebrity status.  Did Robin have any real friends? Was he afraid to reach out? He had relapsed and been back in rehab again… his show got cancelled… both are major triggers for ANYONE to be depressed. Was he afraid of tabloids posting another story about him? WHO KNOWS. 

But what we do know is:

Just like so many of us, he wrestled with demons and felt cut off and alone. Maybe not always.But he did at the pinnacle moment when he made a choice to leave us all behind clutching our DVDs through our tears.  I cried watching Dead Poet’s Society when I was fifteen. My boyfriend bawled in the end scene of Mrs. Doubtfire.  We both sniveled through “It’s not your fault,” in Good Will Hunting.  I laughed my ass off watching him shake his in The Fisher King. Every movie, surrounded by a good memory, brought to life by a great actor. 

LIfe is fragile and we don’t know who’s hurting. It’s not their call to tell us. IT’S OUR CALL TO ASK. 

Do you feel depressed? With no hope? Have you had thoughts of ending your life? I’m not a professional, but I urge you to call this number and receive help:  1-800-273-TALK.

It’s a courageous thing to admit you’re hurting and get the help you need. I’m not saying that Robin never did that. I’m not saying  he wasn’t courageous because my God did he have some mountains he overtook. I’m saying at that one point, he felt alone. AND YOU ARE NOT. 

Tell someone you love them today. 




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For a fan, YES, I will do this!

I’ve been enjoying the last few remaining days of summer before the twins get back into school and doctor appointments resume for my youngest.  Of course, my peace shatters when my daughter apparently crouches in wait and kills my son on an Xbox game. Is it fair? Who knows. I retreat to my computer.

And lo, and behold, I find this lovely piece of fan mail in my inbox.  I’m not going to lie. It’s my first one. Maybe that’s why I’m sharing this. I mean, it’s asking a favor, but she was really nice about it and I felt like doing a good deed instead of strangling my offspring.

Dear Sasha,

Your blog is hilarious. You have depth too. Maybe that is why I love following it! I loved the poem about your mom, and the story from when you wen to the movies had me laughing so hard my sides hurt. I shared it on Facebook. 🙂 If at all possible…
Would you mind sharing a blurb about a television series I’m producing? My friend, Joe Carroll, created it, and it’s set to release 2015.  We’d love to have a social media push.
The show is called BACKGROUND! A group of discontent actors set the stage as they introduce a new reality of what goes on behind the scenes.
I don’t know if you’ve ever worked as an extra on a film before, but it’s not glamorous. It’s not easy.  You arrive early and stay late. While the stars of the film get waited on hand and foot, it’s the extras that sit in the tents with no air conditioning or freezing in the cold. It’s not a picnic.  And people do it because they love film.  This show was created to say, “I see you there.” And I am proud to be a part of it. 
Needless to say, Joe and I are excited about this show and know it will have a strong audience base.  Again, if you could share about it,  I personally, would be most grateful. 
Here’s the link to our trailer:
Thanks so much and keep writing!
~Marti Young
SO, here you go, Marti Young. I have shared your wonderful news, and I’ve even checked out your trailer. Looks great, and not only a show I’d watch, but my twins as well. Maybe my husband, but who can say with him. I wish you and Joe Carroll the best. Please update me with your progress.
To any other fans out there: we only have each other, right? Go and support this project. Who doesn’t deserve a chance to achieve a dream? Good karma exists too…